Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Rowan- Part 1

Ah Rowan, my first-born, my crazy one, the one who doesn't get nearly as much blog time now that there is a baby. I'm going to try and take the focus off the baby and let this be All About Rowan!! Trying to get myself into scrapbooking more, I flipped through a book at the library the other day and got the idea to do an interview. Pretty interesting to "interview" a 3.5yr. old, and if you've never interviewed your little one you should- you never know what kind of answers you'll get!! So now- All ABout Rowan- in his own words.....

Food? "Green Beans"
Shape? "Rectangle and circle"
Drink? "Milk and juice and water"
Toy? "My big train"
TV show? "Bob The Builder"

Book? "Bob the Builder"
Restaurant? "The Pancake Restaurant" **
Holiday? "A heart"
Animal? "Cow"
Color? "Green and Orange and Yellow and Blue and White. Not Blue!! (laughs)
Green and orange and yellow and white"

Place to go? "Culver's"
What do like to eat at Culver's? "French fries and chicken and appleasuce and BBQ sauce
and cheeseburgers"
Do you like being a big brother? "YEAH"
What do you like about being a big brother? "I don't know"(laughing)
What is your favorite thing to do? "To play all day and all day and all day and all day and all day and all day and all day and all day....."

**I would like to add that the last time we had pancakes at a restaurant was last winter when we went to IHOP!!


Harley Quinn said...

What a great idea. I'm totally going to steal it!!

And Rowan is such a good boy. I really enjoy him everytime we hang out with you guys. He's pretty special. =)

Quigs78 said...

Too cute!! I love that his favorite holiday is a heart. Can't tell it was Valentine's Day, huh? :)

I'll have to try this with Bubba...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your interview with Rowan! That was a cool idea!
He is a great boy, and growing and learning(and experiencing everything) every day. Hard to believe he is 3 and a half!
Grandma joan

Anonymous said...

this is so cute !!! I woulda sworn Culvers was his favorite place to go !! Mom