Sunday, February 22, 2009


Want to see what I did with these sweaters? No, you don't care- well click here anyway!

and a cute Eli pic- cause I know you're all annoyed when I just talk about my sewing!


Anonymous said...

I love the apron !! can't wait to "wear" it !! Now I will have cook something messy or dress up when I cook so I can wear it to "protect" my clothes. No more sweat pants in the kitchen !! Also I love the scarfs !! Cute idea. One time I cut up old sweaters to make tote bags..remember Rachel ?? You are so original and crafty!! A girl after my own heart !! Crafts rock !!How about a belt ?? Love

libbygirl said...

Yeah, the scarves are really cute. You'll have to make matching headbands now.