Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And because

I can't let a whiny woe is me post be the last one up. Not that anyone is reading except my sister (?) hi Abby! :)
Here's a cute picture of Silas and our kitty who we think is pregnant. Freddie is apparently not a boy :/

..... The post where I whine

This cast thing has been harder then I imagined. I hadn't even thought about eating but supper last night was awful. I told Mike I'd post on Facebook and get some tips for getting through having a kid in a cast. I know I've had several " friends" whose kids have broken a bone. But I got no response. I forgot that I don't have any friends. Silly me. It's something I've always struggled with but I try not to let it bother me. Of course this past year being at home with a baby and having a lot of time " to myself" has really made me realize how lonely I am without friends. I've wondered who would I call if we ever really needed help and my mom wasnt around. Of course there's people I know would help but its because they are just that nice not because its me and they'd just want to help me. Yes, I know I sound like a big whiny baby but sometimes it really hits me- like when my kid breaks his arm and I realize no one cares. ....
It's not like I don't try to become better friends with people. I invite people to do things, but I can only be turned down so many times before I start to take it personally and then I give up. Rejection hurts even when you're a grown up. I always imagined once I had kids I'd have a few good friends and we'd hang out with our kids. The kind of people where you feel at home in each others houses because you see each other so often. You keep each others kids so you can run errands alone. You bring each other coffee just because.
I'm starting to think that'll never happen.


Rowan had his bday sleepover Sunday night. I'll try and do a post on it. It was fun!

We took the boys across the street to swing on our neighbors rope swing. They've done this a lot and usually mike and I aren't there.

This time when Eli dropped off he landed on his elbow. He started screaming and mike and I both ran to him knowing it was probably broken. I think we expected it to look really bad... It seemed really limp at first but he could move it. Mike carried him home and we had rowan run in to get ice for it. We were having him move it and he was still crying. Then he told me he just wanted to take a nap ( um that really scared me!).

We decided he should be seen and since it was 7:30 and convenient care closed at 8. We had to go then!! ( since Silas is nursing and it was around bedtime mike went) ( obviously if it was closed and we wanted him to be seen we would have went to the ER but since we had the option of a $20 copay instead of $200 we wanted to try for that!)

Mike flew in town and made it in like 15 mins. If you know where we live you know he was clearly going a little too fast ;). Of course they got him right in and xray Ed. They said it was probably just dislocated but ortho would call us the next day. They put him in a splint and sling and sent him home. He was in a little pain but not much. The nurse called the next morning and said it was a fracture- the radiologist read it...- !! Then ortho called to set the appt up for today ( Tuesday morning).

Of course we waited forever for them to touch his arm for a minute and sat they'd be casting it :/. So for the next 4 weeks he is in a full arm cast. It takes 24 hrs for it to fully set up so he's supposed to just lay around with it. Ugh. Even with watching movies all day this is so hard for him!

He picked an orange cast and was excited that people can sign it! So now we try and find something to use as a cover for our trip to Michigan in two weeks. He's not into the water but he loves the sand! He'll get it off a week after kindergarten starts and if all looks good it'll stay off otherwise they'll put another one in for a few more weeks-,hopefully not!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


All summer Rowan's goal has been to go off the diving board at swimming lessons. First he had to improve his kicks, then get the arms down, and finally the breathing. Those arms took a lot of work but he finally got to do it today!!

Many many days he's finished lessons very upset because he hasn't got to do it. He was hoping he'd get to do it last week when Mike took them to lessons but he wasnt ready.

Today I saw him get out of his pool with the instructor and he had the biggest smile ever! I knew he was finally ready! There are two pools so they have to walk out by the parents to get to the one with the diving board. He wanted to make sure I'd watch him so I had assured him I'd go back there with him.

It was over so quick I couldn't even get a decent pic ! I guess it only takes a few seconds to jump off! ;) the 2nd time he went he totally struggled to start swimming for a few seconds I heard the instructors say they might need to get him but he got his legs and arms moving and started swimming. ( I should say he was not in danger and they would have jumped in. It was like 3 seconds which felt much much longer to me of course ;))

He is still so excited and proud and has talked about this all. Day. Long.
He said " this is the best thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life!" :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekend O' Fun!

Last Thursday night was supposed to be Rowan's birthday sleepover, but Eli had a high fever all day Wednesday so we cancelled it. I'm pretty sure it was from the vaccines he got the day before but really didn't want to get other kids sick if it wasnt. Rowan was upset but we promised to reschedule as soon as we could ( this Sunday!) and were hopefully the weather would be cooler so they could sleep in the camper since it was too hot last week.

He felt better after realizing just how much fun the weekend would be! Of course Eli was fine on Thursday. :/ Thursday after swimming we went and bought all the stuff for his party since we couldn't go the day before when Eli was sick. Friday night was Rowan's baseball team party. It was a pool party and the boys had so much fun! I wish it wasnt so much work to take 3 kids swimming cause they loved it!!

Rowan got invited to spend the night with one of the kids who was coming to his party that night so I left the party at 8 and took him to his friends. Mike and I stayed with Eli and Silas pretty late and had a great time. We don't get out ever and don't really have friends to hang out with so it was a lot of fun!

Saturday afternoon Rowan and Eli had a bday party ( I love it when they're both invited to something!) so we picked up Rowan and headed in town. Since we were running late I grabbed some card stock and markers so the boys could make cards on the drive ( we are usually the ones buying presents on the way...) we stuck some cash ( $7 for the 7 yr old) in and wrapped with tissue paper and taped it. Easy gift! ( yeah I'm the one that won't spend money on cards for kids either...)

The party was at one of the gymnastics places in town. We'd never been to this one and it was great! They were very laid back and even Mike got in the pit with Silas! He loved it! They said we could go on the trampoline too!! ( I didn't but it was nice to have the choice ;))

On Sunday we decided to head about an hour away to Bloomington to check out the 3rd Sunday Market. It was basically a giant flea market. It was a lot of fun! Silas spent about 3 hrs on mr back in the carrier and the other boys did a lot of walking. They complained some but were pretty good for the most part.

After all that we went to the nearby Funk's Grove. They make maple sirup so we'll definitely head back when it's open so Mike can check that out. But we mostly just played at the Imagination Grove. A playground type area in the woods. It was fun! The kids loved the zip line! We went for a little walk in the prairie after that and then headed home. It was a long, but very fun weekend!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A few weeks ago Eli had the idea to have a picnic with mike during his lunch some day. He also thought it would be fun to surprise him! So after we planned an early play date with some friends for last Thursday I thought it would be perfect timing for a picnic lunch.

Luckily it was also a gorgeous day! I did tell mike ahead of time just to make sure he'd be around for our surprise lunch but he made sure to act surprised when we showed up at work. It was fun! And we'll definitely have to do it more often!

Eli made sure we all knew it was his idea ;) and of course we picnics by the clock tower- my kids love it! They had it fenced off though for work so we couldn't go under it but it did go off while we were there so they were happy.

Silas Turns ONE!!

Oh Silas! How are you already one? It's gone so fast, way too fast!
We celebrated Silas's birthday with the grandparents, my sister and her boyfriend, and of course us.
He had his 1 year apt a few days later and weighed 24lbs 10oz and 31" (ok I'm trying to remember that without looking...pretty close but I might be off). He only gained like 8oz in 3 months! He's definitely losing his rolls :(  

You can't tell in the picture but he was pretty excited to have the presents all to himself! (well of course his borthers helped !)

Mike's mom made him this big cloth block with a jingle bell in it..All 3 kids love it!
                                              Big brothers helped blow out the candle (no pic...)
                                                                            I've always made a healthy cake for my babies first birthday.  I work really hard to only give them real, good food when we are first introducing solids I just feel like if I gave them a cake full of sugar it defeats the whole thing... Silas's was the best I've made. It was a paleo banana maple cake with strawberry cream cheese icing (also sweetened with maple syrup!) It was really good! I debated about even making him a cake since he's had texture issues with foods, but the few weeks before he seemed to be doing better so we did cake.
                                                              ^^angry at the icing? or just squishing it?
                                                      He took a few licks of the icing and tried some cake and then he got icing in his eye and that was that! Done with the cake!

                                                        pics with the "1 year" paper

                                                     Seriously! THis kid is ridiculous! :) dimples, blue eyes!
                                                 I will never get tired of them!
Other Silas updates- he now eats! This happened right after turning 1- bday was June 22nd. On July 3rd he hate his biggest meal ever! just some pork, cheese and peach but it was a lot! He can handle most textures now without a problem.  It's so great and kind of strange that it happened so quickly.
He takes lots of steps but still prefers to crawl.  Rowan and ELi still get really excited every.single.time.he takes a step or stands alone.  He climbs everything he can and does it often.  I do not love that! He just learned to climb up the slide on our little play cube outside. He still puts everything in his mouth- how does he even find this stuff!?! but at Rowan's last baseball game he actually threw the rocks instead of trying to eat them! STill has 6 teeth.  Over the 4th of July he was so clingy to me.  If I walked away he flipped out.  I think it was just being somewhere different, lots of new people... he's been better since we've gotten back to normal so hopefully he stays like this.  Everytime he'd act normal I'd tell people- this is how he is! I swear he doesn't cry all the time! But sleeping and napping are hard when we aren't at home so it was probably just all that,

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eli turns 5!!

Can't believe Eli will soon be in kindergarten! Eli was all about his birthday this year ( as in " since its almost my bday can I have...." ) reminded me of myself ;)
We haven't had a lot of parties with friends ( maybe only 1..) but since Rowan's having a sleepover this year Eli really wanted a party. We decided on inviting a friend ( whose mom I'm friends with) to Jupiters for a pizza lunch and playing games. Then he decided he wanted to go to the ice cream place close to us instead. This sounded much better ( cheaper!) to me so I agreed!
We invited the friends over for lunch and to play and then we went for ice cream. We were supposed to play mini golf there too, but I was able to talk him out of that since it was such a hot day! The kids had a lot of fun! ( she has 3 boys too and one is a year younger than Rowan so they know each other from school).
Eli also got to pick out any cereal he wanted! This is a huge deal with my kids. We don't eat a lot of cereal and if we do its for snacks only because it is a horrible breakfast food! So Eli picked Lucky Charms ( I bought the generic of course) and he was so excited to eat it for breakfast! We've been decorating with streamers ( started for Silas's bday which I need to blog about..) and I did his bed when he was sleeping.

Eli chose ribs for supper! And instead of cake we made banana splits! We put the candles in a brownie that we baked for the sundaes. The banana splits were so fun! Eli picked out all the toppings and was so excited about it!