Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Rowan had his bday sleepover Sunday night. I'll try and do a post on it. It was fun!

We took the boys across the street to swing on our neighbors rope swing. They've done this a lot and usually mike and I aren't there.

This time when Eli dropped off he landed on his elbow. He started screaming and mike and I both ran to him knowing it was probably broken. I think we expected it to look really bad... It seemed really limp at first but he could move it. Mike carried him home and we had rowan run in to get ice for it. We were having him move it and he was still crying. Then he told me he just wanted to take a nap ( um that really scared me!).

We decided he should be seen and since it was 7:30 and convenient care closed at 8. We had to go then!! ( since Silas is nursing and it was around bedtime mike went) ( obviously if it was closed and we wanted him to be seen we would have went to the ER but since we had the option of a $20 copay instead of $200 we wanted to try for that!)

Mike flew in town and made it in like 15 mins. If you know where we live you know he was clearly going a little too fast ;). Of course they got him right in and xray Ed. They said it was probably just dislocated but ortho would call us the next day. They put him in a splint and sling and sent him home. He was in a little pain but not much. The nurse called the next morning and said it was a fracture- the radiologist read it...- !! Then ortho called to set the appt up for today ( Tuesday morning).

Of course we waited forever for them to touch his arm for a minute and sat they'd be casting it :/. So for the next 4 weeks he is in a full arm cast. It takes 24 hrs for it to fully set up so he's supposed to just lay around with it. Ugh. Even with watching movies all day this is so hard for him!

He picked an orange cast and was excited that people can sign it! So now we try and find something to use as a cover for our trip to Michigan in two weeks. He's not into the water but he loves the sand! He'll get it off a week after kindergarten starts and if all looks good it'll stay off otherwise they'll put another one in for a few more weeks-,hopefully not!

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