Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekend O' Fun!

Last Thursday night was supposed to be Rowan's birthday sleepover, but Eli had a high fever all day Wednesday so we cancelled it. I'm pretty sure it was from the vaccines he got the day before but really didn't want to get other kids sick if it wasnt. Rowan was upset but we promised to reschedule as soon as we could ( this Sunday!) and were hopefully the weather would be cooler so they could sleep in the camper since it was too hot last week.

He felt better after realizing just how much fun the weekend would be! Of course Eli was fine on Thursday. :/ Thursday after swimming we went and bought all the stuff for his party since we couldn't go the day before when Eli was sick. Friday night was Rowan's baseball team party. It was a pool party and the boys had so much fun! I wish it wasnt so much work to take 3 kids swimming cause they loved it!!

Rowan got invited to spend the night with one of the kids who was coming to his party that night so I left the party at 8 and took him to his friends. Mike and I stayed with Eli and Silas pretty late and had a great time. We don't get out ever and don't really have friends to hang out with so it was a lot of fun!

Saturday afternoon Rowan and Eli had a bday party ( I love it when they're both invited to something!) so we picked up Rowan and headed in town. Since we were running late I grabbed some card stock and markers so the boys could make cards on the drive ( we are usually the ones buying presents on the way...) we stuck some cash ( $7 for the 7 yr old) in and wrapped with tissue paper and taped it. Easy gift! ( yeah I'm the one that won't spend money on cards for kids either...)

The party was at one of the gymnastics places in town. We'd never been to this one and it was great! They were very laid back and even Mike got in the pit with Silas! He loved it! They said we could go on the trampoline too!! ( I didn't but it was nice to have the choice ;))

On Sunday we decided to head about an hour away to Bloomington to check out the 3rd Sunday Market. It was basically a giant flea market. It was a lot of fun! Silas spent about 3 hrs on mr back in the carrier and the other boys did a lot of walking. They complained some but were pretty good for the most part.

After all that we went to the nearby Funk's Grove. They make maple sirup so we'll definitely head back when it's open so Mike can check that out. But we mostly just played at the Imagination Grove. A playground type area in the woods. It was fun! The kids loved the zip line! We went for a little walk in the prairie after that and then headed home. It was a long, but very fun weekend!

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