Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silas Turns ONE!!

Oh Silas! How are you already one? It's gone so fast, way too fast!
We celebrated Silas's birthday with the grandparents, my sister and her boyfriend, and of course us.
He had his 1 year apt a few days later and weighed 24lbs 10oz and 31" (ok I'm trying to remember that without looking...pretty close but I might be off). He only gained like 8oz in 3 months! He's definitely losing his rolls :(  

You can't tell in the picture but he was pretty excited to have the presents all to himself! (well of course his borthers helped !)

Mike's mom made him this big cloth block with a jingle bell in it..All 3 kids love it!
                                              Big brothers helped blow out the candle (no pic...)
                                                                            I've always made a healthy cake for my babies first birthday.  I work really hard to only give them real, good food when we are first introducing solids I just feel like if I gave them a cake full of sugar it defeats the whole thing... Silas's was the best I've made. It was a paleo banana maple cake with strawberry cream cheese icing (also sweetened with maple syrup!) It was really good! I debated about even making him a cake since he's had texture issues with foods, but the few weeks before he seemed to be doing better so we did cake.
                                                              ^^angry at the icing? or just squishing it?
                                                      He took a few licks of the icing and tried some cake and then he got icing in his eye and that was that! Done with the cake!

                                                        pics with the "1 year" paper

                                                     Seriously! THis kid is ridiculous! :) dimples, blue eyes!
                                                 I will never get tired of them!
Other Silas updates- he now eats! This happened right after turning 1- bday was June 22nd. On July 3rd he hate his biggest meal ever! just some pork, cheese and peach but it was a lot! He can handle most textures now without a problem.  It's so great and kind of strange that it happened so quickly.
He takes lots of steps but still prefers to crawl.  Rowan and ELi still get really excited every.single.time.he takes a step or stands alone.  He climbs everything he can and does it often.  I do not love that! He just learned to climb up the slide on our little play cube outside. He still puts everything in his mouth- how does he even find this stuff!?! but at Rowan's last baseball game he actually threw the rocks instead of trying to eat them! STill has 6 teeth.  Over the 4th of July he was so clingy to me.  If I walked away he flipped out.  I think it was just being somewhere different, lots of new people... he's been better since we've gotten back to normal so hopefully he stays like this.  Everytime he'd act normal I'd tell people- this is how he is! I swear he doesn't cry all the time! But sleeping and napping are hard when we aren't at home so it was probably just all that,

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