Wednesday, July 31, 2013

..... The post where I whine

This cast thing has been harder then I imagined. I hadn't even thought about eating but supper last night was awful. I told Mike I'd post on Facebook and get some tips for getting through having a kid in a cast. I know I've had several " friends" whose kids have broken a bone. But I got no response. I forgot that I don't have any friends. Silly me. It's something I've always struggled with but I try not to let it bother me. Of course this past year being at home with a baby and having a lot of time " to myself" has really made me realize how lonely I am without friends. I've wondered who would I call if we ever really needed help and my mom wasnt around. Of course there's people I know would help but its because they are just that nice not because its me and they'd just want to help me. Yes, I know I sound like a big whiny baby but sometimes it really hits me- like when my kid breaks his arm and I realize no one cares. ....
It's not like I don't try to become better friends with people. I invite people to do things, but I can only be turned down so many times before I start to take it personally and then I give up. Rejection hurts even when you're a grown up. I always imagined once I had kids I'd have a few good friends and we'd hang out with our kids. The kind of people where you feel at home in each others houses because you see each other so often. You keep each others kids so you can run errands alone. You bring each other coffee just because.
I'm starting to think that'll never happen.

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