Monday, September 29, 2008

3 Months

Wow, 3 months already- it is going WAY too quick! Eli is really starting to seem older, not like a newborn at all. He is usually very happy (although you wouldn't guess it from looking at these pics) he smiles and laughs a lot. He is starting to find Rowan pretty funny too. He wants to chew on everything and is starting to drool- A LOT- hopefully that doesn't mean teeth anytime soon!He has rolled fromhis tummy to his back a few times but doesn't do it regularly. He loves being outside, and of course hates to nap- yeah!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm in Love...

...with babylegs. Aren't these the cutest! Makes it quick and easy to change a diaper and keeping his legs warm all day. They have so many different colors/styles I might have to try them all and go into debt! I have been told he looks girly- I disagree! What do you think?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Check it out

I am sick and feel very whiny. I've has a bad cold and low temp all weekend so I think this gives me the right to act like a baby (and apparently eat everything in site). This is when this whole being a mom thing kind of sucks, Eli doesn't seem to care that I just want to sleep all day. Rowan went to daycare, but that means I have to leave the house (and possibly get dressed) to go get him this afternoon- and then I'll have to feed him supper! When I'm sick I always wish we lived in town so I could hit up a drivethru!

Anyway I found this on one of the blogs I read called Not Me! Monday
I probably didn't link that right, oh well. I'm too tired to come up with anything, but think some of you could be great at it and they are hilarious to read!! Quigs for some reason I think you would be pretty good at it :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yummy Yummy Food

I hardly ever cook, Mike's the cook- he's awesome!! But he's gone at least 4 nights a week, and last year Rowan and I ate a whole lot of scrambled eggs- I'll blame the pregnancy-sickness, tiredness and the damn diabetes -for that. I'm trying to learn new things and have tried quite a few new recipes. Last night we had Pumpkin Pancakes, recipe I found here
Pumpkin Pancakes
1 cup flour
1 Tbs. sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 eggs, separated
1 cup milk
1/2 cup solid pack pumpkin2 Tbs. oil
Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl, set aside. Whisk egg yolks, milk, pumpkin, and oil in a separate bowl. Stir wet mixture into dry ingredients until moistened. In a mixing bowl beat egg whites until soft peaks form; fold into batter. Pour onto hot grease griddle & enjoy! yield: 8 - 12 pancakes. Serve with Apple Cider Syrup
Apple Cider Syrup
1 cup water
1 cup apple juice or cider
1 Tb. lemon juice
1/2 cup sugar
2 Tb. corn starch
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cloves
1/4 tsp. allspice
1/4 tsp. salt
Combine dry ingredients and mix well. In a sauce pan heat water, apple juice or cider, and lemon juice. Slowly add dry ingredients, stirring as you add. Bring to a boil. Boil for 1 minute. Lower heat & simmer until desired thickness. Serve immediately. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge & reheated in the microwave
I even made the apple cider syrup, and even surprised myself when it turned out!! It was SOOOO good, seriously- TRY IT!! My pancakes weren't quite as colorful but I used fresh pumpkin (from our backyard pumpkin patch) and I'm guessing they used can. It made quite a bit of syrup so next time I would probably double the pancake recipe so there's not as much syrup left.
A few weeks ago I made Peach Upside-Down Cake that I saw on Vegan Linda's blog. We had a ton of peaches that Mike actually got when he went to a garage sale and noticed their huge peach tree, w/ tons of uneaten ready peaches. Also very very yummy, and definetly the fanciest looking food I've ever made. Although mine wasn't as pretty cause I didn't take the time to lay the peaches out all nice it still tasted good! I will probably try and make this again if we get some more peaches soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Completely Random Post with Pictures

Wow I really rock at post titles- huh!!
The mommy brain seems to be overtaking me, today I heated myself up a nice bowl of chili, turned to leave the kitchen- and SPLAT!! I drop the bowl, of course it does this amazing spinning thing so there was splatters of chili EVERYWHERE- floor, walls, doors, dishwasher, toys, CARPET, I'll probably be finding dried chili in places I never even imagines for months. It was quite a lovely mess. Usually I would have some nice pretty words to say to that bowl of chili- but instead I decided to laugh- it was already done what else could I do, and it was pretty humurous- well kind of! Of course that couldn't be the worst of it- oh no! After dinner I was sitting on the couch eating ice cream w/ homemade peach topping (YUM)- I was holding Eli, but not his fault- all of the sudden I drop the bowl. Well more of a turned the bowl upside down on my lap! Now since the peaches were warm and my ice cream had to sit a few minutes (damn kids) it was already melting pretty good, so I had a bowl of ice cream soup on my lap, all over my pants and oozing onto the couch! Rowan, beling the great helper he is, runs over to watch as I scoop it off and back into the bowl. He then points out the two little tiny drops on Eli- yeah thanks, I'm covered in ice cream, but I'll make sure I get those drops first- thanks for the help!

In happy news, Rowan has use the toilet at home for the last two days- w/ no accidents!! Well except for that one poop, lucky me I was nursing Eli- so Mike got that mess :) He's been quite proud of himself it's so exciting.

Now the pictures, we went shopping in Amishville area Friday. It poured the whole time we were gone, after we got home Rowan and I decided to go run in the rain. Of course it slowed to a sprinke and then stopped raining completely. Rowan didn't seem to mind at first, then I mentioned it stopped and he got so sad,

so I told him to stand in front of the kitchen windo and sprayed him with the sink sprayer!

Then he just ran around all wet

Sunday- a big cheesy smile

Oh, the curls

First taste of fall

Brotherly Love (maybe Eli looks scared)

Yeah he's definetly scared- poor baby

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Randomness

Well it's official, Rowan is potty trained, no diapers, peeing on the potty, no accidents (not even at naptime!) The only problem- it only happens 2 Days a week!!! Yes, when Rowan goes to daycare he doesn't wear diapers, uses the potty and has no accidents! When he's at home- yeah not so much. He sits on the potty, he would sit there for HOURS and then go play for 2 minutes and pee in his pants! Oh well, it'll happen eventually, right?

Since Mike's back in school and we don't see him that often we took a trip in the other day and met for a picnic lunch at meadowbrook. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous all week! We even ran into Rowan's future girlfriend while there. (That's for you mommyschiff :)

Here Rowan poses w/ the sculpture- you can't even see him can you?
Eli chillin in the stroller

Eli's really getting into toys, well at least trying to hold them and put them in his mouth. He's also starting to drool- yum!!

Eli trying out his new seat
A slight smile- wow this pic really looks like he's lost some hair :(

and a big cheesy smile today, he was wearing Rowan's old jeans for the first time and I don't think they will fit too much longer

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rolly Polly

I think it was a fluke, but Eli rolled from his tummy to his back this weekend. He hasn't done it since, but I guess it counts cause it happened right?
Everytime I change him I think I notice new rolls on him, so I thought I'd share them. Cause who doesn't love fat rolls? Well on a baby!
Left: armpit rolls
Below: back thigh rolls ( those ones are big) I tried to get a pic w/o showing too much, but you can still seee his cute butt!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I love to make stuff, well I love TRYING to make stuff. I feel like I have all this creativity flowing through and I must sew or knit something. The downside to this is that I SUCK at both. I mean I can do the basics I can do a knit and purl stitch, I can knit a washcloth and a scarf- as long as I don't have to follow a pattern. With sewing everything is always a little off. I can't cut my fabric straight, and can't sew straight. Which means my sewn items are quite a bit smaller than when I started. I know I should probably break down and take a class or find someone to teach me, but for now I will keep trying to make my crappy items- but they are all made with love! :)- Yeah I know that's corny.

Last night I attempted my second cloth diaper for Eli. It is alright, although if you look closely you can see all my stitches(please don't look closely!). I do know what I did wrong though, I tried to do to many NEW things. I have a few layers in the middle for extra absorbancy, and I added elastic!! Not as hard as I thought it would be, and because I am a sewing idiot I forgot to put the wrong sides together- HELLO DUH!! Which makes it look a little messy, luckily ELi doesn't seem to mind. I was also going to attempt to put a few layers of a blanket on the outside as a cover, but started the elastic first so that wasn't going to work. I am seriously becoming obsessed with trying to sew a diaper and have found so many great websites with info. I also found a site that sells lots of super cute fabric and if I ever actually make a decent diaper I want to buy some to put on the outside of the cover.

These are pics of these blocks I made when I was pregnant, they are probably the only decent looking thing I've ever made, besides my burb cloths, but those are usually covered in spit up so it doesn't matter what they look like! I actually surprised myself (and Mike) by how well I did on them- w/o a pattern too.

And I have to have some of the big one, just cause he's so cute- here he is smiling so nicely for the camera.

And here he is with his own carton of ice cream, at least it's strawberry!
And no he didn't get to eat it all at once, but there really is no better way to eat it than right out of the carton.
I'll have to take some pics of it, but every day Rowan gets out his train tracks and lines up all his cars on it, he barely touches it after that, but will usually say it is his airplane. When it is time for him to pick up toys he'll ask (everyday) if he can leave it out, and EVERYDAY I tell him no because it takes up the whole living room floor, and everyday he says
"But it took my 10 hours!!"
It's so cute, where do kids come up with stuff!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Very Long Weekend..

Saturday we went to Farmer's market to get some fresh green beans, since we didn't have enough in our garden to get my fix. I wore Eli in my new Mei Tei, which I absolutely LOVE and need to take a picture of. On Sunday Mike and I bothe got new tennis shoes at penney's a pretty good deal on New Balance. We hung out at the house my mom is moving into and my sister and I took the kids to the park, while Mike and my mom went to get the Uhaul for Monday. Sunday night I stayed up WAY too late sewing a diaper for Eli( see pics). It's not that good at all, but I am so excited that I actually made something. I found some easy patterns online and usedone of my old tank tops(so Soft) and a cut up towel on the inside. It's just a contour so needs a cover and isn't nearly as thick(and absorbent) as our other diapers, but it's my first so I'm ok w/ it. Now I need to make the actual kit i have. I just really suck at following a pattern for anything I get so lost, I need to be walked through stuff like that the first time, so I'm a little worried i'kk screw it up, but I'm sure I'll get up the nerve eventually.
Monday mike helped my mom move. I took the boys to the park with my aunts and my cousins kids. We had a lot of fun and spent the day with them. Mike hurt his back lifting stuff and spent the night (and most of today) on the floor. I had already agreed to work today as a substitute where I worked last year so Mike stayed home with the boys. It was pretty hard on him but he's getting bettre, hopefully. This was my first day away from Eli, and I missed him so much, I can't do this too often for a while but it'll be nice to have a little extra money. He wasn't to into the bottle and didn't eat that much while I was gone. Mike says he wasn't fussy though so that is good. I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever when I got home. Rowan was excited cause I brought him chocolate milk from the school- we haven't told him that we can actually make chocolate milk at home, he thinks you get it at Culver's or school. The chocolate syrup at home is for ice cream- so SSSHHH, please don't tell him!! ;)