Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Randomness

Well it's official, Rowan is potty trained, no diapers, peeing on the potty, no accidents (not even at naptime!) The only problem- it only happens 2 Days a week!!! Yes, when Rowan goes to daycare he doesn't wear diapers, uses the potty and has no accidents! When he's at home- yeah not so much. He sits on the potty, he would sit there for HOURS and then go play for 2 minutes and pee in his pants! Oh well, it'll happen eventually, right?

Since Mike's back in school and we don't see him that often we took a trip in the other day and met for a picnic lunch at meadowbrook. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous all week! We even ran into Rowan's future girlfriend while there. (That's for you mommyschiff :)

Here Rowan poses w/ the sculpture- you can't even see him can you?
Eli chillin in the stroller

Eli's really getting into toys, well at least trying to hold them and put them in his mouth. He's also starting to drool- yum!!

Eli trying out his new seat
A slight smile- wow this pic really looks like he's lost some hair :(

and a big cheesy smile today, he was wearing Rowan's old jeans for the first time and I don't think they will fit too much longer


Quigs78 said...

So cute!!

It's crazy how much Eli looks like Rowan - especially when they have the big smiles on!

Anonymous said...

eli is looking so chunky lately!!! but still so cute :)

Mommy Schiff said...

Yea!! Rowan and WW sitting in a tree.......

libbygirl said...

Colin does a lot better when he doesn't wear pants and can go out in our back yard. I know weird!! So far he has only done it a couple of times out in public.

~rachel~ said...

libbygirl- Rowan likes to "try" and go outside to. I try to keep him in just underwear, but he is going through a phase where he can't stand to not have clothes on- wants pants and socks at all times..