Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Very Long Weekend..

Saturday we went to Farmer's market to get some fresh green beans, since we didn't have enough in our garden to get my fix. I wore Eli in my new Mei Tei, which I absolutely LOVE and need to take a picture of. On Sunday Mike and I bothe got new tennis shoes at penney's a pretty good deal on New Balance. We hung out at the house my mom is moving into and my sister and I took the kids to the park, while Mike and my mom went to get the Uhaul for Monday. Sunday night I stayed up WAY too late sewing a diaper for Eli( see pics). It's not that good at all, but I am so excited that I actually made something. I found some easy patterns online and usedone of my old tank tops(so Soft) and a cut up towel on the inside. It's just a contour so needs a cover and isn't nearly as thick(and absorbent) as our other diapers, but it's my first so I'm ok w/ it. Now I need to make the actual kit i have. I just really suck at following a pattern for anything I get so lost, I need to be walked through stuff like that the first time, so I'm a little worried i'kk screw it up, but I'm sure I'll get up the nerve eventually.
Monday mike helped my mom move. I took the boys to the park with my aunts and my cousins kids. We had a lot of fun and spent the day with them. Mike hurt his back lifting stuff and spent the night (and most of today) on the floor. I had already agreed to work today as a substitute where I worked last year so Mike stayed home with the boys. It was pretty hard on him but he's getting bettre, hopefully. This was my first day away from Eli, and I missed him so much, I can't do this too often for a while but it'll be nice to have a little extra money. He wasn't to into the bottle and didn't eat that much while I was gone. Mike says he wasn't fussy though so that is good. I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever when I got home. Rowan was excited cause I brought him chocolate milk from the school- we haven't told him that we can actually make chocolate milk at home, he thinks you get it at Culver's or school. The chocolate syrup at home is for ice cream- so SSSHHH, please don't tell him!! ;)


Quigs78 said...


I love that making chocolate milk is a secret! There will come a day when that ugly truth gets out! I haven't introduced my kids to chocolate milk yet - I'm scared I'll have an uprising on my hands if I refuse to give it to them once they've had the liquid crack! :)

libbygirl said...

very impressed with the diaper. Eli looks pretty happy in it. Glad to hear the subbing went OK, too!