Monday, September 22, 2008

Check it out

I am sick and feel very whiny. I've has a bad cold and low temp all weekend so I think this gives me the right to act like a baby (and apparently eat everything in site). This is when this whole being a mom thing kind of sucks, Eli doesn't seem to care that I just want to sleep all day. Rowan went to daycare, but that means I have to leave the house (and possibly get dressed) to go get him this afternoon- and then I'll have to feed him supper! When I'm sick I always wish we lived in town so I could hit up a drivethru!

Anyway I found this on one of the blogs I read called Not Me! Monday
I probably didn't link that right, oh well. I'm too tired to come up with anything, but think some of you could be great at it and they are hilarious to read!! Quigs for some reason I think you would be pretty good at it :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Hope you will feel better soon. There is a lot of colds. etc going around here.
I know what you mean, not the most fun thing having to be a mom when you are under the weather.
I sent you and mike a cool email from MSN this a.m....

Quigs78 said...

The link doesn't work. :(

But whatever it is, I'm flattered that you thought of me! Although, I must say - I am pretty funny. I make me laugh, anyway. ;)

Quigs78 said...

And I hope you feel better!!