Monday, September 15, 2008

Completely Random Post with Pictures

Wow I really rock at post titles- huh!!
The mommy brain seems to be overtaking me, today I heated myself up a nice bowl of chili, turned to leave the kitchen- and SPLAT!! I drop the bowl, of course it does this amazing spinning thing so there was splatters of chili EVERYWHERE- floor, walls, doors, dishwasher, toys, CARPET, I'll probably be finding dried chili in places I never even imagines for months. It was quite a lovely mess. Usually I would have some nice pretty words to say to that bowl of chili- but instead I decided to laugh- it was already done what else could I do, and it was pretty humurous- well kind of! Of course that couldn't be the worst of it- oh no! After dinner I was sitting on the couch eating ice cream w/ homemade peach topping (YUM)- I was holding Eli, but not his fault- all of the sudden I drop the bowl. Well more of a turned the bowl upside down on my lap! Now since the peaches were warm and my ice cream had to sit a few minutes (damn kids) it was already melting pretty good, so I had a bowl of ice cream soup on my lap, all over my pants and oozing onto the couch! Rowan, beling the great helper he is, runs over to watch as I scoop it off and back into the bowl. He then points out the two little tiny drops on Eli- yeah thanks, I'm covered in ice cream, but I'll make sure I get those drops first- thanks for the help!

In happy news, Rowan has use the toilet at home for the last two days- w/ no accidents!! Well except for that one poop, lucky me I was nursing Eli- so Mike got that mess :) He's been quite proud of himself it's so exciting.

Now the pictures, we went shopping in Amishville area Friday. It poured the whole time we were gone, after we got home Rowan and I decided to go run in the rain. Of course it slowed to a sprinke and then stopped raining completely. Rowan didn't seem to mind at first, then I mentioned it stopped and he got so sad,

so I told him to stand in front of the kitchen windo and sprayed him with the sink sprayer!

Then he just ran around all wet

Sunday- a big cheesy smile

Oh, the curls

First taste of fall

Brotherly Love (maybe Eli looks scared)

Yeah he's definetly scared- poor baby


Looseyfur said...

Hooray for the potty training, Boo to the spillage.

Lots of clean ups. Lots and lots of clean ups. Sometimes I think, "This is what the next 12 years is gonna be -- cleaning cleaning cleaning."

Quigs78 said...

I hope you didn't throw away that ice cream. You totally could've scooped it back into the bowl off of your lap and eaten it. To throw it away would be wasteful.

Not that I've ever done that.

~rachel~ said...

now nowhere in that post did i say i threw it away- are yu kidding that was the last of the container. my laps not dirty :)

libbygirl said...

I love Rowan's hair in those pictures. He has the cutest curls. Eli is already looking like a little boy in those pictures. Had fun at the park today!