Friday, August 30, 2013

Rowan starts 3rd grade!

3rd grade! Seems pretty insane that he is this old. ( I don't think I've blogged his bday yet either...) I was a little disappointed to see that none of his good friends are in his class this year but Rowan didn't seem too fazed by it. He has a teacher who is new to the school this year and her name is Rachel! So we focused on how cool this was and not who was in his class. He is making new friends and gets to see the others at recess so he's fine ( and he adapts pretty well anyway).
Last night was the school open house that I had to miss because of class :( The first thing I've ever had to miss! Mike took the kids and got to see their rooms. Parent- teacher conferences are in a few weeks and then we'll get to know how he's doing. We're already having an issue with the homework and lack of snack- 2 nilla wafers?! But they got out early this week because of the heat so hopefully this stuff won't be a problem when they get back to normal. We'll see! ( apparently 3rd graders don't " need" a snack! Wtf?! Um I usually have a snack during the day...)

But really, for the most part, everything is going great! I think Rowan really feels like he is growing up and he's even being somewhat helpful to Eli! He also has to read every night ( which he usually does anyway without it being homework) and now he reads in bed to Eli! Win win! :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eli goes to Kindergarten!

Eli started kindergarten last week (8-22-13)! How is that even possible?!

He has the same teacher Rowan had ( I am very happy about this!) and has two of his good friends from preschool in his class! Of course he's already making new friends...

He has been supper moody and tired when he gets home. Not really surprising...
I went in and met with his speech teacher this morning and I'm so excited about the services he'll get this year! She actually is the one we worked with when he was in Early Intervention and now she works at the school. I don't think he got much help with speech in preschool last year and there was hardly any communication with me, but I know this year will be different! Hopefully we see some big improvements for him finally!
Yesterday ( 8-27-13) after 4 very long weeks- he got his cast off!!!!
He said he was most looking forward to scratching his arm! Lol I was most looking forward to giving him a bath! Of course they asked him if he wanted to keep it and he said yes! So now we have a cast in a bag. Maybe he can take it to show-n-tell?!

Since they got out early yesterday for the heat I went ahead and kept Eli home all day. I went in today to talk to his teacher about what the doc wants him to avoid- no monkey bars, or PE. And we are going to have him just wear his sling for recess to remind him he's still limited. Hopefully it'll go well for him :/ he was a little sore and still has the pattern on his arm from it. I didn't want to scrub him and hurt it but he did get to take a long bath and soak it! He was just excited to get to play in the bathtub again ;)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last Sunday our cat Freddie had a kitten! Have I blogged about Freddie? She was a stray who showed up this spring not looking good. She was obviously in some kind of fight and had a bad scratch on her face and a serious wound by her eye. We are pretty sure she is blind in that eye now since kind of a blue- gray color all over.
We thought she was a boy at first- my guess since shed been in fights I assumed she was a tom cat. And then she started getting bigger and we figured out she was pregnant. Oops!

The boys were so excited about this and not happy when we said if there was more than one or two we couldn't keep them all. We started having her sleep in our laundry room so if she gave birth shed be safe inside. ( big step for me since I'm allergic to cats!) so we were pretty sure she was in labor.
When we got up Sunday morning there was one little copper colored kitten! So adorable!! The kids were so excited and Freddie was doing a good job taking care of her baby.
Monday morning things seemed a little off. The kitten wasnt as interested in nursing and Freddie didn't seem quite as motherly as she did at first. We also discovered the kitten had fleas so called the vet about that who said to treat the mom and try to comb them off the kitten. We had to go in town so were gone most of the morning and then I had class so mike came home with the kids. We bought the flea medicine and treated the mom but it was clear something wasnt right.
Mike was in there trying to get the kitten to nurse and the kids had just gone to bed when the kitten died :( we decided to get them up to tell them because they started school the next day and we didn't want to wait to long or tell them before school.
They cried and cried. Rowan took it the worst and cried until almost 11pm and then woke up at 2am and cried for another hour. His eyes were all puffy and tired the next day. They both slept on the floor of our room that night.
Freddie is getting better but seemed kind of lost the first days. Like she was constantly looking for her baby. It's kind of strange that she sits on our front porch a lot. She did that when she first showed up but for months has stuck to the back yard...
The boys named the kitten Coco Shiley. We decided it was a girl and Eli said " Shiley is a nice girls name" lol Rowan really thought she was a brown color so he liked coco. We made " coco" brownies to celebrate her life!
I went in and told Rowan's teacher about what happened in case he was upset or crying. Since it was the first day she didn't know him to know if that's just how he was.
Rowan still brings up how sad he is but not as much. They both drew pictures to bury with her but we decided to keep them because they were so nice. I also made a picture collage of the few pics we have and printer them each a copy. They loved this! Eli took the picture to school for show-n-tell- hopefully that's not too strange!
We were all really looking forward to watching the kitten grow up so we're all still pretty sad but we are glad that we still have Freddie!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

13 months!

Well it was about 2 weeks ago.. Where is this summer going?!

So, Silas is 13 months! ( of course I took pics with the real camera but I'm too lazy to get out the computer when my phone is so easy!)

Silas is still not officially walking. It's kind of crazy to me that he's been taking steps for months but he's not actually walking yet. He can pretty much walk across the a room but would much rather crawl! If he has something in his hands he'll walk though.

He loves to throw balls. We got him one that lights up and it's the perfect size for him. He plays with his big brothers and when it goes under the couch he lays on the floor pointing at it saying " ugh ugh" until someone gets it :)

He still eats everything! Some new tasty treats he's tried recently- and loved!- beets, broccoli, chocolate cake, graham crackers... I let him munch on a stalk of broccoli and I took it from him after he ate the top cause I thought the bottom would be too hard and he FLIPPED out! We had some fresh local peaches he's been loving too and can't forget the watermelon!

He's not really talking yet but has said mama and occasionally says hi. He loves to wave too!

He might not walk but he loves to climb. He'll even move toys around the room so he can climb on them to get up higher. :/

His amber teething bracelet fell off and got lost so we were without for over a week and he was getting really fussy ( tooth #7 popped through during this time too) I finally broke down and bought another one this week.

He's been napping great which helps me get schoolwork done but he goes to bed so late. Usually not until after 10! Hoping this doesnt continue when school starts.

He loves to be outside especially when Freddie is around. He just discovered the red car so now he sits in it and pushes it around the yard a lot!