Tuesday, August 6, 2013

13 months!

Well it was about 2 weeks ago.. Where is this summer going?!

So, Silas is 13 months! ( of course I took pics with the real camera but I'm too lazy to get out the computer when my phone is so easy!)

Silas is still not officially walking. It's kind of crazy to me that he's been taking steps for months but he's not actually walking yet. He can pretty much walk across the a room but would much rather crawl! If he has something in his hands he'll walk though.

He loves to throw balls. We got him one that lights up and it's the perfect size for him. He plays with his big brothers and when it goes under the couch he lays on the floor pointing at it saying " ugh ugh" until someone gets it :)

He still eats everything! Some new tasty treats he's tried recently- and loved!- beets, broccoli, chocolate cake, graham crackers... I let him munch on a stalk of broccoli and I took it from him after he ate the top cause I thought the bottom would be too hard and he FLIPPED out! We had some fresh local peaches he's been loving too and can't forget the watermelon!

He's not really talking yet but has said mama and occasionally says hi. He loves to wave too!

He might not walk but he loves to climb. He'll even move toys around the room so he can climb on them to get up higher. :/

His amber teething bracelet fell off and got lost so we were without for over a week and he was getting really fussy ( tooth #7 popped through during this time too) I finally broke down and bought another one this week.

He's been napping great which helps me get schoolwork done but he goes to bed so late. Usually not until after 10! Hoping this doesnt continue when school starts.

He loves to be outside especially when Freddie is around. He just discovered the red car so now he sits in it and pushes it around the yard a lot!

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Aww love the one of him in the car!