Friday, August 30, 2013

Rowan starts 3rd grade!

3rd grade! Seems pretty insane that he is this old. ( I don't think I've blogged his bday yet either...) I was a little disappointed to see that none of his good friends are in his class this year but Rowan didn't seem too fazed by it. He has a teacher who is new to the school this year and her name is Rachel! So we focused on how cool this was and not who was in his class. He is making new friends and gets to see the others at recess so he's fine ( and he adapts pretty well anyway).
Last night was the school open house that I had to miss because of class :( The first thing I've ever had to miss! Mike took the kids and got to see their rooms. Parent- teacher conferences are in a few weeks and then we'll get to know how he's doing. We're already having an issue with the homework and lack of snack- 2 nilla wafers?! But they got out early this week because of the heat so hopefully this stuff won't be a problem when they get back to normal. We'll see! ( apparently 3rd graders don't " need" a snack! Wtf?! Um I usually have a snack during the day...)

But really, for the most part, everything is going great! I think Rowan really feels like he is growing up and he's even being somewhat helpful to Eli! He also has to read every night ( which he usually does anyway without it being homework) and now he reads in bed to Eli! Win win! :)

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