Monday, September 2, 2013

14 months!!

I'm a week behind of course!

Well, I can finally say that Silas is a WALKER! The other boys started right around their first bday so he is my latest. I love the new wobbly walker stage. It's so cute! He still gets really excited when he's doing it too. He started really doing it more when we went to Michigan because he wasn't a big fan of crawling on the sand or the dirt ( at our campsite).

He's been really into books lately and will usually sit for a few to be read to him. He loves playing outside- especially if he can climb the front steps! He loves " petting" Freddie. Poor kitty, she doesn't seem to mind though.

He's still a really good eater! Breakfast is usually eggs, maybe sausage and fruit. Lunch is usually some cheese and fruit or leftovers if that's what I'm having.

It's really nice getting time with just him while the boys are at school. He's been taking good naps too so I have plenty of time for homework! He loves to climb. I'm not too fond of this. He also likes to stand on the kitchen chairs :/
He has a cabinet he can play in and one side is the metal bowls so he loves throwing them out of the cabinet! My mom watched him the other day and he hid in the cabinet from her! Even shut the door! Haha.
He has said " mama and hi" but usually he just points and says " uh uh" yes I'm already planning for our 3 rd round of speech :/
He loves his shoes! He'll bring them to me to put on if he finds them. He gets very upset if he doesn't get his way ;) his 8 th tooth just cut through! It's on the bottom left next to the front 2!
He's been trying to use a spoon at meals sometimes. This is quite amusing and usually involves him holding the spoon with one hand and eating the food with his other hand!
This is such a fun age! I love watching his personality come out! He also had his first bottle this month( actually week) since I have class till 9 2x a week mike has given him a bottle to try to get to sleep. Out of 4 classes he's been asleep twice when I've gotten home! He was also watched by my mom one day for class and stayed at a friends house another day! He's done great everytime!

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