Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend!

We had talked about going camping this weekend but decided to stay home instead. The boys stayed at my moms Sunday night and Mike and I ran some errands with Silas.

Saturday Freddie ate a piece of yarn about 6" long. Ate it! I had no idea a cat would even do that! She had a visit to the vet a few days before and was just starting to act like herself again and then she ate yarn! We've been putting her in the laundry room at night until her stitches healed up and since it was so hot she's been in occasionally during the day too ( quite the spoiled stray cat ;) ). If you don't know it can be very bad for a cat to eat yarn. Google freaked me out and prepared me and having a catpertise friend is always helpful too. So we gave her some Vaseline to grease her insides and we made her stay inside unless we were outside with her watching her every move. I put the emergency vet on speed-dial and we waited....

The next day mike followed her to her bathroom spot with scissors and gloves ( cut don't pull!) and stayed back till she was done. No yarn so back inside she came. She was acting fine so we just watched her. I admit I was pretty worried. The boys LOVE this cat so much and after losing the kitten they couldn't handle if something happened to Freddie too! She was getting quite annoyed with us by the 2nd night so we were quite realized to wake up and see a nice puked (? I think) up mess of yarn! And she even did it on the towel!! :) we were all so happy that she was fine, lesson learned- no yarn for cats!

Monday we finally had a nice day so we picked the boys up at my moms and then headed to a local park to do some hiking! Mike put " see a native prairie" on our summer bucket list so we finally got to cross that off. It was a little over a mile there and was definetly worth it! It was on the side of a hill overlooking the river but was gorgeous! ( we just followed the trail but on our way out we saw the maps you could take and it said to just look at the prairie not go in it. Oops ;)
It was a lot of fun and on the way home we stopped at a roadside ice cream shop. The ice cream was so good and the kids enjoyed that! The cones were huge!

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