Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 down, 30 to go

Well gone is our lovely fall weather, and now we are left with another lovely cold winter- this is the time of year I start thinking about all the places I would love to live that don't get too cold. I hate winter and cold weather, but I guess i always live through it. The cold weather makes me feel even more lazy so much of my free time is spent on the couch covered in blankets. I think the morning sickness and tiredness seems to be fading (although maybe that is just my wishful thinking)!

I ended up being diagnosed as BORDERLINE gestational diabetes, so for now I get to try and control it with diet, which means I get to spend ,my time counting carbs and planning everything I am going to eat each day- FUN, FUN. I didn't really follow my diet on Thanksgiving, but didn't go too crazy on desserts so I think I did alright.

Our second prenatal appt. is this Friday and we get to meet with a midwife. i've already talked to one of them on the phone and she was so nice, and unlike a Dr. who would have a nurse call she called herself. the only thing that worries me is if I have to go on insulin I will not be able to ahve a midwife deliver and will have to go back to the dr. so hopefully that will not happen.