Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eli goes to Kindergarten!

Eli started kindergarten last week (8-22-13)! How is that even possible?!

He has the same teacher Rowan had ( I am very happy about this!) and has two of his good friends from preschool in his class! Of course he's already making new friends...

He has been supper moody and tired when he gets home. Not really surprising...
I went in and met with his speech teacher this morning and I'm so excited about the services he'll get this year! She actually is the one we worked with when he was in Early Intervention and now she works at the school. I don't think he got much help with speech in preschool last year and there was hardly any communication with me, but I know this year will be different! Hopefully we see some big improvements for him finally!
Yesterday ( 8-27-13) after 4 very long weeks- he got his cast off!!!!
He said he was most looking forward to scratching his arm! Lol I was most looking forward to giving him a bath! Of course they asked him if he wanted to keep it and he said yes! So now we have a cast in a bag. Maybe he can take it to show-n-tell?!

Since they got out early yesterday for the heat I went ahead and kept Eli home all day. I went in today to talk to his teacher about what the doc wants him to avoid- no monkey bars, or PE. And we are going to have him just wear his sling for recess to remind him he's still limited. Hopefully it'll go well for him :/ he was a little sore and still has the pattern on his arm from it. I didn't want to scrub him and hurt it but he did get to take a long bath and soak it! He was just excited to get to play in the bathtub again ;)

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