Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Ice Cream!!

Yesterday I came across a recipe for snow ice cream. So when we woke up to fresh snow this morning I went and found the recipe so we could make it. Luckily Mike was still here so he could go get the snow for us- it's really cold today! Rowan was very excited, especially since we made it (and ate it) not long after breakfast. Ice cream for a breakfast dessert- what's better than that!! It was super easy to make, and not too bad tasting either- although no Culver's ,it'll do for now.

Rowan wanted his green (that's his favorite!)- doesn't my bowl look like a plate here?-hhmm

Yum, Yum... be warned it's cold!!

Eli got his own little bowl of snow to play with

He really wasn't too impressed by it...


Quigs78 said...

Those pictures are so cute!

But I gotta be honest - snow ice cream grosses me out on so many levels. :P

~rachel~ said...

It was fresh- very clean snow. No yellow, or dirt anywhere. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember making it with you and Abby ! It's good.I bet Rowan loved it. The pics of Eli are so sweet...Im sure he couldn't figure out what was so cold on his fingers !!! Gramma