Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rowan the chef!

Rowan is always coming up with these crazy recipe ideas- and I do mean crazy! Last week he said he wanted to make dinner for all of us. He was so serious so I told him he could as long as it was real food. No ice cream baked with hamburger and sprinkles lol.

So he planned, wrote out his ingredients and helped add it to the grocery list. He wanted to make a bagel with sausage on top, some maple syrup then topped with an egg! Mike helped him talk it through to see what would work- he originally wanted to put the raw sausage on the bagel and too with raw egg and bake so we explained why that wouldn't work. Rowan always has these ideas and is sure that he is 100% right so it was nice that he actually listened to our reasons and adapted his plans.
Since we'd just got some cilantro he decided to top it with that and some of mikes seasoning mixes. It was really good and everyone loved it!
He used his camera to make a video of them cooking too. For his cooking show- obviously ;)
I'm hoping he'll come up with more normal recipes from now on so he can cook more!

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