Friday, December 21, 2012

What a week!

Sunday- Eli still felt pretty crappy and had a fever. We decided to still have my mom come over to do their annual gingerbread house. An hour before she got here Rowan had a fever and both boys were napping! They still did it though

They really love doing this!

Monday- both kids were feign great and fever free! Still had to stay home because of the 24hr fever free rule at school. We went to Walmart to get a few things and get the stir crazy kids out of the house!

Tuesday- back to school day! Woohoo! I was so ready to get stuff done for Christmas! Eli got up and seemed a little off still and he asked to stay home :( I figured he needed another day to rest. We had to take Silas for his 6 month appt and by the time we got back Eli's fever was up again!

Wednesday- Eli still has a fever. We had to go in for my dentist appt. mike stayed in the car with Eli and Silas. They had donuts! Since Eli hardly ate all week we were bribing him with whatever! Sonic slushie to help him get fluids :)

Thursday- still a fever and another night up a lot. Starting to wonder if he'll ever get over this awful virus! Towards the afternoon his fever was gone and he was starting to act crazy - I mean normal ;)

Friday- still no fever and he didn't wake up at all last night! I'm still exhausted from the whole week though. We kept him home just to give him a little more time to get better - he didn't go all week! I'm sad he missed this week and the fun things they did. But he didn't know about them so he doesn't care.

Today he went to play in the snow for a bit!

So glad he's back to normal!

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