Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Rowan really wanted to go with me to vote yesterday so I waited till after school to take all 3 boys with me. I want them to see the process and be interested so even though it would've been easier to go alone or just with Silas I waited :)

Of course we vote in our tiny town so it's not much of a hassle. I might rethink it if I had to wait a long time! I was the 119th person to vote there! That's pretty good for here and I saw today that 163 voted there!
Our neighbor was an election judge and he gave the boys candy while I voted. One of the old women held Silas. Sometimes I love my small town living! ;)

Rowan was so upset after school because in their school mock election the person he voted for lost. He even cried about it! I assured him the school votes would not actually be counted and Rowan's pick ended up winning! He was quite pleased to hear that this morning :)

He was telling me things his friends were telling him about the President. Ridiculous stuff. It amazes me that parents say such hateful things about the candidate they don't like to their kids. Would they say those things about other people to their kids??? It's awful. We really don't talk about politics much in our house, but when we do we talk about what we believe and that everyone has different beliefs... I can't stand all the gate talk especially to kids! Hopefully Rowan won't grow up so hateful... Hopefully we do something right!

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