Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another long week! Although I guess it's not technically over yet. ...

Rowan came home from school Tuesday ( after his rejection- :( see last post) and said he had a headache. He's said that maybe once in his life so I knew something was up. He had a fever and thought he might throw up. He wanted me near him so I slept on one couch with Silas ( the smaller one since Rowan was already on the big one- not comfy) with Rowan on the other. He dozed and finally got sick around midnight. Luckily he knew it and was actually half sleeping with his face in the trashcan! I so wanted to take a pic ;)
Of course he felt fine the next morning but I said he had to stay home. He was not happy!

He got to go with us to get Silas's 5 month shots ( 5 months today!!!) and then to Walmart to get our tires rotated. [Side note- they couldn't rotate them because of the extreme wear on one of our NOT THAT OLD tires! Seriously we were pretty mad because a few weeks ago our lugnuts(?) on that tire were randomly loose... Think something happened last time we had work done. This car is falling apart and has so many things it needs done. So frustrating! We keep waiting for the minivan fairy/god/stork?? To bring us one... She seems to be lost. ]

We liked this! Didn't know these existed!

Anyway. So we spent an hour and a half at Walmart for them to do nothing and we couldn't do our other errands cause we had to get Eli from the bus.
Before supper Rowan fell asleep on the couch and when he woke up his fever was back. I was pretty sure it was strep then :( mike took him to convent care Wednesday morning and I was right! It's crazy that when I have it I'm pretty sure ill die and Rowan is running around mostly acting normal...
So now it's pretty much a waiting game to see if someone else will get it. It'll probably be me and probably after Mike goes back to work next week :/

We decided to still go to mikes grandmas today since Rowan was on antibiotics for 24hrs. But he had strict orders to not get to close and only drink out of his water bottle. Hopefully no one gets it. They have 2nd cousins their age and Rowan and Eli always have a great time playing with them.

Looking at himself :)
Eli has been asking a lot of questions about my grandparents lately. They died when Rowan was a baby and Eli is really sad about it :(. He actually asked if we could go to the cemetery today! First we went to where mikes grandpa is buried and then mine.

It's sometimes hard to talk about with him since I miss them so much myself. He also wants answers to things I can't always answer....

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Carey said...

I miss them so much... I just close my eyes and I can see her in the kitchen with her apron on and grandpa carving the turkey and I miss having a nice table to all sit at for thanksgiving.. love ya