Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

-- we got our furnace fixed last night before we left to t-o-t! So nice to be warm again! :)--

Last year we were all with it and made homemade costumes! This year we went to Walmart the weekend before Halloween.

Eli's school doesn't let the kids dress up but Rowan's school has a parade through the small town! I love this!!

Mike took a half day so he could go to the parade too. After the parade we stopped at the cupcake shop for coffee and a treat :)

Mmmmm cookies n cream! Eli got a cake pop and we say outside and ate before going to the school for the end of Rowan's party.

Since we slacked on carving pumpkins this year I thought it would be fun for the kids to paint them! So we did that after school.

Eli did three pumpkins! Rowan painted his big one and even wiped it off several times because he didn't like it.... Perfectionism at its finest!

Rowan picked Dart Vader for his costume. Since he'd never seen any Star Wars movies we rented one last weekend so he'd know where the costume was from.

Eli chose a Devil Skeleton!

Silas got to be a tiger! It barely fit him and the hood was way to small! He was still cute :)

We trick-or-treat in the town my mom lives in and they had fun as usual! My moms neighbor made up a bag of candy and other stuff for them. She also gave them each a pear. When we got in the car to leave they wanted to eat candy and Rowan asked if he could eat his pear!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love Rowan's perfectionism! And his love of pears, haha!