Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When it rains it pours!

I'm not a fan of winter. At all. Every year when it starts to get cold I whine and complain. Yes, I know I don't have to live here, but I do and it's hard to just leave your home. Someday...?

This pic was before the cold- too cold for naked time now!

Mike went to turn the heat on Friday night and it didn't work :(
I am so cold! When we woke up this morning it was 53 inside! I made crockpot oatmeal so we'd wake up to something warm. I put the boys clothes in the dryer to warm them. I turned the oven on for a bit to take the chill off. I'd spend the day baking but I'd rather sit on the couch covered in blankets.

Mike and I ( and Silas) are sleeping in the living room because our north facing wood floor bedroom is the coldest room in the house and it is freezing! ( I need to find a thermometer to see what temp it is in there).

Someone is coming today to look at the furnace, hopefully it's something cheap and easy to fix!

Saturday night my mom kept the big boys and Mike and I ran errands. Now for the last two months or so the vent in the car only works on high. It also makes a very loud noise when being used( very loud!) so when we use it its usually for a few minutes to get the window defrosted then we turn it off. We just turn it on as needed because of how loud it is. Saturday it was cold so we turned the heat on to warm the car and after a few minutes we noticed it wasn't getting warm :(
We've been trying to save for a minivan ( we are beyond squashed in our car!) but several things happened this summer and we had to keep putting money into our car this summer. And now no heat in the car or house.

During a storm last week our router got knocked out. So we have no Internet at home. Of course, since we have some random country Internet company we can't just replace it we have to get a hold of the guy and he has to hook it up. At least I think this is what we did last night. We could ask him if he'd maybe return our messages!! I really need to see if we have other options out here. Surely by now something must be out here for people without cable/satellite...?

So yeah, this week kind of sucks. At least we have power and aren't in a hurricane!

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