Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random Random

Eli's been a wee bit crazy lately ( that might be an understatement!). He kind of needs constant structure and activities and I haven't quite found my groove with him and Silas in the afternoon... Trying!

That's him getting bad about something. I probably looked at him or something. He gets mad because I ask him if he wants a sandwich for lunch because he wanted to TELL me he wanted a sandwich! And it's that kind of thing all. Day. Long! Minutes after he's home I find myself wishing he went to school for a full day :/

I can't picture him being in kindergarten next year. I know we have a long time till then so we shall see!

We don't get much time away from our kids so when my mom asked if they could spend the night this weekend we got so excited! I wanted to check out some consignment stores to look for clothes for me ( non maternity clothes that fit! I have no jeans!!) and a trip to target of course! We'd come home and make dinner and watch a movie after Silas went to bed. I was so looking forward to it!

Of course, this morning my mom called and said she was sick :(. The kids were upset but I think I took it harder. I'd already been mentally preparing myself for a nice little break- no whining, no fighting, no yelling!

Instead we decided to take a trip to amishland and then Mike's parents house ( we were planning to go Sunday anyway). It was nice and a gorgeous day!

On the way home we stopped at the outlet mall to get Rowan a coat. We found one at old navy and I got jeans ( that fit!!). I still need to get him a jacket since he's been wearing sweatshirts but really needs something better.

I'm hoping for a nice peaceful day tomorrow. Yeah right! :)

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Looseyfur said...

Okay, I love Eli on the floor. We got that a lot at our place. Except ours was when MacTroll would ask what X-man wanted for breakfast. "Daddy! Don't ask me! Just feed me!" Over and over and over. I'd shoot dirty looks at both of them. Why couldn't Dad just make him breakfast, and why was the kid who wants to give his imput on everything falling apart over a choice. I just chalked it up to him not being a morning person. Because holy hell, was that annoying.

Stick with it. You guys look like you're having an awesome fall! Miss you.