Saturday, October 20, 2012

Me and My Boys

Recently there's been a lot of stories about a blog post written about moms taking pictures with their kids. I think it was called " The Mom Stays in the Picture." I saw the article and also a story in the news- Nightline maybe? It was good. And true. There are t a lot of pictures of me with my kids. Mike never pics up the camera. Even though I repeatedly tell him I'd love for him to take normal everyday pics not when I ask him.

I'm also not that into pictures of myself right now either. But I want the memories. I love looking at my photo albums from my childhood and I want to be in the ones of my kids.

It is quite easy to take pics since I have a fancy phone now. Plus Instagram can make the pic look neat and make me not look quite as crappy ;). At least I'm trying to be in the pictures!

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