Friday, May 2, 2008

I Want Cake!!

This Cake

But of course I can not eat it, so instead Mike made me

Sticky Rice w/ Mango, still pretty good and at least I can FEEL like I'm getting a treat!!!! Since I don't eat hardly anything with sugar now, and even when I do take a tiny bite of something I usually start to feel like crap soon after. I wonder if I'll even be able to tolerate it after the baby's born- maybe I'll have to slowly wean myself back on sugar. I am hoping the baby will be born before my birthday so I can eat cake!!


Anonymous said...

sticky rice w/ mango? sounds...interesting lol. and i hope you get to eat cake too...when is your due date again?

libbygirl said...

Hey Wowan's mom. This is Heidi. I found your blog through Dana's. Next time I will have something witty for you but for now all I can say is sorry about he cake :(

~rachel~ said...

Hey libbygirl do you have a blog?!

libbygirl said...

No, well, not yet. It is no my To-Do list. Maybe when I have all that freetime during my maternity leave.