Sunday, May 11, 2008

I saw Matt Damon!!!

Today we went to Mike's Grandma's in Moweaqua for Mother's Day. She lives right next door to a little restaurant where they are filming for the movie The Informant, they were supposed to be filming there tomorrow, but decided to come today because of the weather. I had heard they were filming in the lovely Decatur area, but completely forgot that they would be in Moweaqua. When we got there at noon they had a coouple of huge trucks parked in front of her house and more people and trucks showed up later and they were all busy getting everything set up. So we sat out on the front porch waiting and waiting for him to show up.
Of course he was the last to arrive, Scott Bakula walked by but I missed him (I'm very upset about that!). Finally Matt showed up in a dark red Tahoe- everyone else showed up in huge white vans, guess he must be more famous! There weren't that many people there at first since they weren't supposed to film till MOnday, but word spread quickly- it is a small town- and more people showed up while he was in the restaurant.
Matt's security guard then came over and announced that Matt would be coming out and he would meet people and take some pics but then they were going to eat. HIs wife was even there at the end with their daughter. When he finally came out there were a loty more people there so of course I didn't get to meet him but did get to see him pretty close up- I don't think he will be that good looking in this movie!! I was hoping he would come to my side since I'm pregnant and so is his wife, but no such luck- oh well!! We got some pics but only on the camera phone so you really can't see anything- remember to always keep a real camera with you, you never know who you might see even in Moweaqua!!
He only talked to people for about 2 minutes and then left, within 5mins. they had everything packed up and the trucks were gone- it was like nothing happened. It was still pretty exciting though!



Looseyfur said...

LOL, I have two students who are extras in the movie. One got her photo taken with him. And you're right, there's nothing good looking about an ADM exec. :-P It doesn't matter who plays him...

libbygirl said...

Exciting!!! He is a total hottie. Did anybody get pictures or autographs or did he just kind of breeze by?

Lavender Lemonade said...

I found the Matt Damon post! Wow.
I'm fascinated by "how the other half lives". Its crazy to think these Hollywood people were/are just regular like us. Matt Damon is so cute.