Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soon There Will Be TWO!!!

Rowan's daycare provider is on vacation for 2 weeks, perfect timing right? So while I am hugely pregnant and trying to stay positive about these final days, I don't get my peaceful break from 8-3. He has been pretty good during the morning- even helped me clean his room today-, but as soon as nap is over he is like a different child. He wakes up whiney and demanding and bossy!! He tries to kick and scream when it's time to change his diaper- but won't use the potty. He yells (loudly) A LOT!! He constantly calls our names out and starts throwing a fit if we do not answer the second he wants- like if Mike and I are having a conversation.

I am really hoping all this lovely new behavior is because his routine has been messed up and not what we have to look forward to as he turns three!!

On a positive note he has been napping pretty well, and still goes to bed easily. Although he has been up later, but that is more our fault for wanting to enjoy the gorgeous evenings before the sun goes down.

I've been noticing lately how much Rowan talks now- especially since he NEVER stops talking!! I remember last year right before he turned 2, he talked but not much he hardly ever said mom, most of his words had to do with the important things- dad, truck, train...- and now a lot of the time he even uses correct grammar!! I think 2-3yrs is such a big year and can't believe all the changes he's gone through. He is definetly a big boy now!! If only he would get with the whole potty training thing we'd be all set! :)


Lavender Lemonade said...

Boys seem to ease into the idea of potty training very slowly. Maybe Rowan is sensing the anticipation in the house and acting out more because he's not sure how else to express his feelings. Those final days/weeks are such an oxymoron - I remember trying to enjoy the precious "alone" time with my older child but all the while wishing I could be just left alone to deal with my own anxiety, discomfort, exhaustion, etc. You're doing great and you're almost there...:)

~rachel~ said...

That is how I feel, like I want him to enjoy our time together, but I'm guessing he doesn't when all I do is yell at him!! :) Not quite the magical fun I thought we'd have!