Sunday, June 15, 2008

All Dressed up..

Yesterday we went to my cousin's wedding. Since we have never taken Rowan anywhere that we expected him to be quiet, I was a little worried about how he would act during the ceremony. We kept telling him that if he was quiet at the wedding later on we would go the the reception and he would get to have cake (after dinner of course)!! He did really well, he's been into whispering lately so he still talked to us but it was quiet, then he realized he could scoot his chair back and forth- but it was quiet so who cares! We just kept holding that cake over his head and he'd get quiet everytime- don't you just love bribery!!!
At the reception they had a chocolate fountain and a table full of stuff to dip. Lots of fruit, pretzels and of course MARSHMALLOWS!!! Rowan discovered the all sugar treats pretty early and had no problem getting away from us for a quick second to dash to the table and grab more. He would usually have one eaten by the time I could get myself up from my chair, so he had a lot more than we would have liked. Luckily there was a hill right by the tent so he was able to get out some energy by running and rolling up and down the hill. It was torture for him to have to look at the cake and cupcakes all night without getting any.

Rowan was really into the champagne glasses that were on the table and played with it all night (they were plastic), but we told him he had to wait for the toast before he could drink out of it- I kind of thought he would just dump it all over himself with that cup.

Finally it was toast time!!
Rowan wasn't going for the water only in his cup since everyone else had beer- what he called the champagne (don't know how he knows what beer is ;) ). So I gave him a little bit of my tea with his water, he got all excited and said "Pop and beer!!!" We don't let him drink pop either so he thinks that sparkling water is pop.

Rowan started getting really loud during the toast, we'd threaten with the cake again, but he kept saying "I want to talk!" So we'd tell him to drink his beer, of course he would start saying it to. Mike thinks the people behind us probably thought he was really drinking- and since it kind of looked like beer, oh well!
Well all that boozin finally caught up with Rowan, and he fell out of his chair, and somehow also pulled his chair down on top of him- they were pretty light chairs and he was fine. He thought it was funny- probably from all the beer! I cou ldn't get a pick of him on the ground but did get one with my cousin helping him up. See he's laughing.
.... and FINALLY after waiting all day and having us threaten with it all day...he got his cupcake, he wanted brown I said white, I figured that would be a little better than chocolate with chocolate icing!

Well after the cupcake was all gone we had nothing else to hold over his head, so he pretty much got to run wild, which for Rowan meant a little pole dancing, ok he pretty much just swung around on it, and running back for more marshmallows!!

Trying to show off his moves w/ my cousins Josh and Mindy.
Me, my sister Abby, and my cousin Mindy- they had been enjoying their fancy drinks- I had ice tea- A LOT
Me and my boy- he doesn't seem as into the pic as I am!

It was a really nice wedding, and as much as I wanted (and still do) this baby out, I know I would have been really sad if I hadn't been able to make it. Rowan did pretty good, but I think next time we would leave him at home :) Although I couldn't drink anyway so I probably would have just sat more if he wasn't there. I think all the chasing of him helped keep my blood sugar in check (I ate cake and it was still with in range!). We were all exhausted when we left around 10pm and thankfully Rowan fell asleep pretty quick in the car (we weren't sure how he'd sleep after all that sugar)!
I got lots of compliments on my dress, Mike even said someone told him they didn't realize I was pregnant until they saw me from the side- yeah right don't know if I believe that one!! I do think that mayeb I'll wear the dress all week when I'm just at home!


Mommy Schiff said...

What a great story! I was cracking up with the "beer" and the "pole dancing". It looks like you guys had a great time.

I agree with wearing the dress everyday. Less laundry and people only think you're pregnant from the front =) Win-Win

Anonymous said...

rowan's face cracks me up in that picture of you really was a fun night, alot funner that i was expecting lol.. im glad you werent in the hospital it wouldnt have been the same w/out you rach =)

Quigs78 said...

I'm so glad you had a good time - and I love all the pictures. But I have to say - the funniest part was R saying that he was drinking beer and then falling off of his chair. How many times did I see that happen in college? ;)

Looseyfur said...

LOL, my kind of wedding: Beer and pole dancing. Very funny. You didn't tell us Mike got a haircut too! (Is it wrong that I liked the long, curly an shaggy locks on him too?)

I'm thinking about you and hoping you have a quick and comfortable delivery... it's coming down the pike fast, fast, fast.

~rachel~ said...

quigs- the beer thing was pretty funny and when he fell it was probably even more funny since Mike and I just sat and laughed- I mean he was fine, but don't it always cracks me up when people go running to "help" or make ahuge deal out of stuff like that, like we wouldn't know if he was really hurt!

looseyfur- I must have forgot about Mike when I did our new hair pics- poor guy! He only gets his hair cut maybe twice a year and it's always that short and then grown way out. I like it in between, w/ the curls but not too crazy long- that's probably how it was when you saw it. He thinks he gets hit on more when it's short so I think he likes it that way ;)