Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Evil "I" Word...

I was induced with Rowan, not because there was a major medical issue, just because I was a few days overdue. I wish I hadn't let the doctor so easily talk me into it, and I really do think that it led to me spending the whole day of labor in bed...which led to the epidural...which led to the HUGE episiotomy....which led to the months of awful pain afterwards. Now I know I still could have had all of that even if I wasn't induced, but that's just how I feel about it.

I wanted it to be different this time, the hospital we are at has midwives, I was hoping to not even have to mess with a doctor. A doctor who would most likely treat my pregnancy as a medical problem instead of something that my body was made for. I feel like I'm treated differently when I have an appointment with a midwife, it's so much more personal. I thought I would finally get the experience I wanted.

Then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and suddenly my pregnancy became "high risk." I had to rotate appointments with a doctor, and I did feel treated different at those appointments than with the midwives, but thankfully I was able to stay off insulin so I will still get to have my delivery with a midwife.

Yesterday I had another check-up, which started with an ultrasound for amniotic fluid check (looks good!), a Non-Stress Test (baby looks great, and I had 1 contraction on paper, and I didn't even feel it!), and an appointment with a midwife. I of course said I wanted to be checked and she agreed and asked if the doctor I had been seeing had ever mentioned how far overdue she would let me go- no it wasn't something I had ever wanted to ask her. So she checks me, well tries to check me apparently my wonderful cervix is still too far up or back or whatever! She did say it was VERY soft which is a good sign.

She went to find the doctor to see what her verdict would be. The doctor told her I could have until 40weeks 6days, next Friday the 27th, if I didn't go by then I would be induced with pitocin. Now I did not have pitocin with Rowan all they did was break my water, but I have heard enough about pitocin to know that I do not want it! I would also have to be monitored constantly and wouldn't be able to use the hot tubs or any water on pitocin. So at this point I feel like I want to cry- I am still pregnant and all hormonal and stuff!

We then talk more about the next week and the appointment I will be scheduled for on Monday. I will once again have an ultrasound( this will be #6- I really hope these are as safe as they claim) and Non-Stress test, but this time they will be doing a biophysical profile. I'll have another exam and if there is no change in my cervix we will schedule the induction. I will have to go to the hospital Thursday night and they will insert cervidil and hopefully that will work while I sleep. If that doesn't strt me into labor then Friday morning I will get pitocin. If my cervix has changed by Monday (or even Friday) then they will have other options- sweeping my membranes, or even breaking my water.

I feel a little better about my chances of not having pitocin, and maybe even going into labor on my own- I would like to find out if my body can do this! I am glad to know there is some end in site, and if nothing else by this time next week I will be drinking a pop!!! MMMmmm!!!! Oh and I'll have my newborn baby boy- I guess that's better than the pop! Although I do love McD's Dr. Pepper! :)

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libbygirl said...

I have totally been checking your blog every day to see if you had the baby yet. Sounds like you are having a great time :) At least it will all be over soon. Please keep us posted.

~rachel~ said...

thanks for checking up on me, i wish there was a meetup planned that we could make soon. Rowan will be home for the next 2 weeks- daycare is closed :( I know I had your cell # before but if you want to email it again I'll send you a pic and let you know when he's born.

Looseyfur said...

LOL, I've been looking to see if it's come yet too! I'm really excited for you. Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Lavender Lemonade said...

Hang in there, Rachel! And I know how you feel about wanting to avoid pitocin. Of course try all the tricks they mention in the books this week to put yourself in labor...what worked for house and being really active the week of my due date including baking brownies (my friends swears that baking brownies after 10pm put her in labor with both her kids.) I'm sending lots of positive pregnancy and labor vibes your way. :)