Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Weekend of Pictures

Saturday morning started with rain, lots of rain, so what else could he do but go play in the rain...
I took the pictures from inside- I didn't want to get wet!
he ran back inside as soon as he heard the thunder
(nice lips!)
It stopped raining AND the sun came out!!

We decided to make hot dogs and s'mores after the sun went down- Rowan enjoyed the s'mores!!

Oohh, what is on my finger!!
Oh well, it's still good!

That was good!!

and of course, every weekend revolves around the garden, at least for Mike

Rowan like to help too... sometimes a little too much!


Quigs78 said...

Super cute pics! I lol'd at you taking pictures inside - that's totally something I would do! :)

Mommy Schiff said...

Oh my gosh! Is that your personal garden? I am SO jealous! It looks AWESOME!

~rachel~ said...

Yes that's our garden, although I can't take any credit for it- Rowan does more with it than I do!! It is Mike's obsession or maybe even his real "true love" :), I really think he needs to find away to do it for a living.

Anonymous said...

those pictures of rowan in the rain and eating smores are so funny!!!! lol and i would take a knitting class w you if i was closer to you! i want to learn but thats doubtful lol