Monday, March 26, 2012

Derby Day!

Saturday was the Pinewood Derby for Rowan's cub scout troop. He was so excited about this! He spent a lot of time planning what he wanted his car to look like ( a lot!) he got to go to Mike's work to help make the car with all the shop tools and he got to paint it!

He was so proud!

This is the track he's behind the kid in brown....

They did several races for each group (den?.. I'm really not up on the cub scout lingo)

After the races, Rowan won a couple but his car really wasn't too fast, they interviewed the boys. They had to fill out a questioner before and just asked those questions. Rowan named his car Pointy! :). He said the interview was his favorite because he got to use the microphone! It was pretty cute.

After taking nice pics of all the Tiger scouts they let them take a silly pic. Rowan is on the left above- he takes silly pictures very seriously...(I also discovered how short he is compared to the other boys... Not sure if he's about to hit a growth spurt but I've never noticed that before..)

Rowan got 2nd place for Best in Show out of the Tigers! (basically they liked his car :)) he got a ribbon for that and a trophy for winning 3rd place for Best in Show overall out of the whole troop!! He was hoping for a trophy so very excited about that!

Eli got a ring pop! Woohoo!

Rowan with his ribbon and trophy! He now thinks we should build him a shelf for all his trophies ( this one and one for t- ball...) ;). We'll get right on that!

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