Monday, March 31, 2014

21 Months!

I can not believe how close he is to turning 2!!

He had his follow up hearing test last week and did great- not that I was worried. He's making some new sounds and trying to say sone words but I'm guessing we'll end up doing speech eventually.

He's still obsessed with the ketchup and mustard- did I blog that last month? He grabs tgem every time we open the fridge. Sometimes he carries them around or he'll just put them on tge table.

He's also been obsessed with the little broom and dust pan. So much that I bought him a cheap one finally just for him. Of course he has now lost interest in it :/

He's been taking his baths with rowan so that rowan can watch him and I can clean up after supper and he loves this!  He also loves getting into Eli's bed and sitting with both of them to read books.

He climbed to the top bunk one day though so he's not allowed in there alone. Clearly he's not behind in gross motor skills!

He's starting to want to do more things for us. When he hears me ask rowan or eli to throw something away he'll run to try and do it himself. It's really cute but of course if eli is involved he gets upset cause he wanted to do it...

Speaking of Eli,  silas and eli are crazy together. Eli is way too rough and then gets mad when silas tries to hurt him back. It gets really stressful at times. They can have fun together but it's mostly just fighting. Rowan is really sweet with silas usually unless he messes up his Legos or something really bad Like that ; )

We've gone on a few walks to the post office and silas walked the whole way there and back!  He loves being outside so hopefully we'll have spring weather more often soon!

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