Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 months!

I can't believe how close he is to turning 2!! :(

He's making a few more sounds or a tempting to at least. He says hot a lot and thinks anything with light is hot. Or anything that's cold lol. He asks over and over when we give him food if it's hot!

He painted for the first time a few weeks ago and had fun with that. He also played with goop- cornstarch and water. He loved that!  So much that he wanted to throw it all over ;)

We actually had a nice day a few weeks ago and he loved sitting on the tricycle! Rowan pushed him in the car on the big snow drift too.

He loves his brothers but is really crazy with eli. Most likely because eli is that way with him :/ they are basically like 2 toddlers together!  They have their peaceful moments though and they all laid in Eli's bed together the other night before bed.

When the boys watch movies silas will usually sit for a bit with them and when they laugh he laughs really loud. It's so cute!

He's starting to put his coat on when he's hoping to go somewhere. Hopefully it'll actually warm up soon so we can get outside more!

He's still a good Eater and wants fruit a lot. He can see it I'm the kitchen so it's easy to ask for. He insists on a whole banana with the peel on it. He also wants his cheese stick still in the wrapper. :/  he's getting really good at using a spoon!

When the boys are loud in the van he's starting to loudly yell over and over lol.

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