Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Never ending Winter.

ON TUESDAY the boys got out of school 2 hrs early because of the heavy snow we were expecting. Of course it hadn't even started to snow yet. By the time they got home there was a good covering on the ground.  Mike came home early too since the snow was coming down pretty fast and he didn't want to get stuck anywhere. He made peach upside down cake for dessert too!

Wednesday school was cancelled so we did some crafts- colored flags for some of the countries in the Olympics!  I've bee. Trying to get rowan to read Chronicles of Narnia but he hadn't really gotten into them so u started reading the first one out loud and they both really got into it. Me too! My school was closed to so I didn't have class. Yeah!! I m not really enjoying my professor this semester so was glad to have a night off.  Mike and the boys started making Lego flags for different countries too

I really thought they'd have school tiday- Thursday but about 9th we got the call that they were canceling again because of the drifts on country roads. Eli was already asleep but rowan stayed up for a while after that.

I had a quiz that closed today so was going to have to go I'm town just for my quiz. ( we take them on the computers in the testing center and I usually just do it before class. ) then they emailed that the computers were having problems so they'd extend it till Monday. Who hoo! !  I like getting them over with early usually because this class moves so fast but I really didn't want to drive in on crappy roads with the kids for a quiz that would take me 15 mins.

So now we are just bring lazy. The boys are playing Legos and we have brownies in the oven. I'm pretty sure they'll be back to school tomorrow. And even though I like having them more for the most part ; )  I am so sick of this winter and longing for spring!

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