Friday, July 27, 2012


I can't believe Silas is already a month old! You'd think by now I'd realize how fast time flies, but no it still surprises me!

He had his 1 month appt yesterday. He did great cause he's awesome ;)

He weighed 14lbs 4oz and was 23 3/4 inches long. He was in the 99.9% on the growth charts! And I thought Rowan and Eli were big at that age!

He really is such a good baby. He sleeps great at night usually 5 hrs, nurses, and another 2-3 hrs. So I really only get up twice to nurse him. Of course I still feel exhausted every afternoon. He's had a few 6 hr stretches so I'm hoping for more of that.

The boys are usually pretty into him. Although, the other day when he was fussing Eli said he " didn't want a baby anymore" Rowan usually just wants to hold him and kiss him constantly!


Looseyfur said...

Sweetness! If our big babies are anything alike he'll be going 8 hours a night at around 8 weeks. The first night it happened it freaked me out. And then I was ever so thankful.

~rachel~ said...

I could live with that! :)
How big was X-man at birth?