Thursday, August 23, 2012


Eli started preschool last week. He is going through a program the school district offers. Rowan did the same program when he was 4 and we loved it! Of course, when Rowan went it was actually in our tiny town and since then our wonderful state has done a lot of budget cuts to early childhood :( our district no longer has the program so Eli has to get bussed to the next school district. It's only a 20 minute drive but on the bus it takes an hour since they have lots of stops.

That was my big concern, but I want him to do something and this way he'll be ready for kindergarten next year. He'll also continue to get speech there with the therapist we saw last year. Plus the program is free so you really can't beat that!
So Eli gets on the bus at 7:10am with Rowan and gets home at 12pm- school is 8:30-11am. So far he loves school and riding the bus!

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