Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Months

I've learned something about myself in the last two months. I love this stage. I like the giving birth ( yeah, I know, crazy, right?), nursing 24/7, holding a teeny ( or big!) new baby all the time. I love it. I'm sad it's already ending. I am excited to see his personality emerge and love his smiles and laughs, but a part of me wishes we could go back and do it all again.

I'm pretty sure if we had a lot more money we'd have more babies... Maybe ( I still need to post his birth story that alone might keep me from having more...).

I've also learned that when you have more than one child people aren't as interested. I love those first few weeks when everybody wants to come see the new baby. It's so fun sharing delivery details and reliving it all with other moms ( am I the only one who loves this stuff?)

When Eli was born we ended up having a lot of family over to meet him when he was just a week old because so many people wanted to meet him But this time it was different. I have a lot of family locally and in our extended family there were 4!! Babies born in just a few months ( 3 actually within 2.5weeks!). I don't know if it was cause he was our 3rd or just because there were other babies but I didn't get any texts or requests to come meet Silas.

Of course to my newly super hormonal self people might as well had been telling me " we don't care about your baby!!" I know people get busy but it made me sad especially for Silas.

Obviously by now everyone has met him and my hormones are mostly back to normal, no more random crying spells.... :) but lesson learned- all babies are important!

This month at his 2 month appointment Silas was 16lb 6oz! And 24" long. He is off the charts for weight- he has been since birth, he has his own nice curve going. He got a shot :( he cried but rowan was really upset about it!

He is laughing and smiling a lot! He laughed at Eli for the first time yesterday. Eli isn't too into him and when he is he's rough and way in his face. He loves hanging out with Rowan. He's starting to be into toys a little and has tried to grab some. He still sleeps great and is napping better ( as in not in my arms). He loves taking a bath and watching the ceiling fan!
He has had a little cold like the rest of us ( thanks Eli!) but is almost all better.

This is a picture I found on my blog. Eli on the left, Silas on the right. I couldn't believe how much they look a lot!

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