Friday, August 24, 2012

2nd Grade

Rowan is in 2nd grade this year! Isnt that crazy?? Since Eli is going to preschool in the next school district we have two different school calendars to follow- whatapain!! Hopefully it's not too difficult, I do know the longer breaks are quite a bit different.

Rowan was so excited for 2nd grade! He was concerned he wouldn't remember how to tell time so the day before he spent all day telling me what time it was. Funtimes! ;)

His teacher is a guy! There are only a few male teachers in the school and I was really hoping he'd get him. He really wanted him too so we were both happy.

The first day was only an hour so I took him to school and talked to some other moms until dismissal. Rowan was mad because I didn't let him ride the bus! I told I was sure he'd be begging me to take him in a few weeks!

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Looseyfur said...

OMG, he looks like he's going to burst with joy! I love it.