Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rowan Turns 4!!!!

Since it has been weeks since Rowan's birthday and I have become so bad at this whole blogging thing that I didn't even come up with a cute post about my baby turning 4!!! I decided to give you something even better. Below you will find Rowan's own words summing up his birthday party- and a few, very few thanks to lack of decent internet, pictures of his big day. I would also like to mention that my cousins and there 2 boys came and Rowan got a few more gifts, but obviously only remembers the important ones... If you've never seen Rowan as a baby, and are curious to see if he was always this cute.....click here for a few pics.

In Rowan's words:

It was pretty fun. I want to have another birthday party. Eli's crying, probably cause I flushed the toilet. I want to have 3 birthday parties! I had one! Grandma J and Grandma C came to my birthday party. I want to have 5 birthday parties. I got a ball and a bat and bubbles GREEN BOOTS!!!! Thank you for the cake mommy.

If you see us in real life you will most likely be seeing Rowan in these boots, he wears them most of the time, and since most of the time he gets to pic out his own clothes they look pretty interesting!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Rowan likes his green boots!-Grandma J

Anonymous said...

those boots are so cute! wish i could've been there

Quigs78 said...

LMAO! I love Rowan's bday recap! :)

Anonymous said...

I love his version of the party!! Mom