Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall hike!

A few weeks ago ( 2? Maybe? Last weekend we had tornadoes so it was definetly not then!) it was gorgeous so we decided to go to a nearby state park to do some hiking. It was such a perfect day and the leaves were mostly still on the trees. We don't go to this park very often but there's this nice area we go to that's off the trail (!) that we love and is close to the river in the flood plane so it's pretty clear but was full of leaves on this day.

I even took my real camera! We used a a fallen tree to take pics of all of us together and got a great one for our Christmas card( yes I've already got them printed! So unlike me..) this pics are all from my phone but they are still good. I so wish we had some land so the boys could play in the woods every day!

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