Thursday, November 21, 2013


Freddie's been missing for the last week and a half :(. She disappeared last Monday, which of course was the coldest night so far this year. We keep hoping she'll just randomly walk up some day, but the longer she's gone the less likely that seems.

The kids miss her but I don't think they really understand that we may never see her again. The last she was here she had spent the whole day in the laundry room (since it has doors and can be shut off from the rest of the house she gets to spend the night in there if she wants) because it was raining and she is not a fan of the rain. That evening she had started meowing to go out but every time we'd try to let her out she wouldn't go because of the rain so we finally just made her go out. Of course we feel bad now because we made her go out :(

We didn't worry right away when she didn't show up for breakfast, but as the day went on it became pretty odd that she wasnt coming home. At first we thought maybe someone put her in their garage since it was cold but I think she'd be out by now.... We put up a sign at our post office and we've driven all the close country roads to see if she'd gotten hit but there's been no sign of her.

We are still somewhat hopeful. Cats are strange animals and maybe she could've just taken off for a while....?

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