Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Eli woke up all excited that its November today! Not sure why, but we are definitely glad we are having some warmer weather!

I tried the Elmo and Mickey costumes that we have on Silas the other day, but he was not into it so he just wore his skeleton pjs. He still looked cute, of course.

Eli originally wanted to be a TMNT, then Sonic, then a storm trooper ( what he settled on). Basically, Eli didn't care what he was! We already owned the storm trooper costume and bought it secondhand so we didn't have the mask. I don't think Eli would've worn it anyway though.

Rowan was pretty serious about his costume! He chose to be Sonic and he designed his own costume!! He even drew it out on graph paper - graph paper he made himself! Sometimes I really don't mind the store bought costumes but I love it when my kids want to make their costumes. And it's cheaper!! It's definitely nice to see some originality in the costumes. It kinda gets old to see the same exact costume over and over... There were so many Sonic's it was nice to see Rowan standing out in his costume!

Mike took a half day at work so we could go watch the kids in their school parade. I love that they are at a small school that still does this! Eli put his arms up so I couldn't take a picture of him :( and Rowan aka Sonic blasted off with his super speed so I couldn't get a pic of him either :/
After the parade we spent some time in both of their classrooms for a little bit to watch their parties. When school was over we came home, finished Rowan's costume and ate dinner.

Usually we t-o-t in my moms town but we decided to go to the trunk- or- treat in the town the boys school is in ( which was moved inside due to rain) so they could see their friends. Of course Rowan's best friend had already left so he wasnt very happy but they still had a great time and got a decent amount of candy. We went to my moms next and were going to go to some houses close by but it's started raining again so we just headed home. Our town rescheduled for tonight so the boys are going to go around a little and hand out candy! They're excited to do that! Hopefully we actually get a few kids ;)

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