Friday, October 18, 2013

15 months!

Since we are days away from having a 16 month old I figured I should throw together a quick post about Silas!

Probably not too much change since last month. Still a great eater! Sleeping good! He loves to wear shoes. He loves to have socks put on him and then take them off. :)

He loves watching for the bus after school and waving at his brothers as they walk down the street. He signs " more" " all done" and we are working on " please" he tries to sign it on my chest instead of his own. Haha!

He loves to climb. A little too much :/

Lately Rowan and Eli have been riding bikes after school and Silas loves to run after them down the road! Luckily were on a dead end street or he couldn't do that...

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