Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Happening

I can't believe we are already a week into October!  A quick bullet point list of what's been happening around here...

-Sunday I took Rowan and Eli to the Vet Med Openhouse. They had a great time! Rowan help a parrot and they both milked a cow! Rowan and his friend were interviewed by the news!!! :) I did n't actually see it on the news but the clip is online and he was pretty excited! Eli backed out of being interviewed at the last minute but he wasn't too upset by Rowan being on- thankfully :)

-Silas is as adorable as ever.  He's now 15months old- I'll try to blog that before he turns 16months

-The one class I am taking is so so hard! Seriously, it's exhausting and a lot of work.  I'm doing really good though and almost like it- almost ;) but am not at all looking forward to the cadaver lab we will be starting soon.  Any free time I have is basically spent on that class! I was pretty excited when I got a 100% on my histology practical last week! I missed the bonus and that was it!

-I've been planning to hopefully be full-time next year in the x-ray tech program, but now I am unsure of how we'll pay for it, I'd planned on getting federal student loans, but apparently that's not even an option for me since I have a Bachelor's already. It's becoming really frustrating and I'm not sure what we'll do yet- of course we have to pay for daycare too...

-We finally have decent high speed internet- like the kind where you can watch a movie on Netflix kind of internet... We are in heaven!  It is wonderful! I didn't realize what a luxury it is to watch a YouTube video and not have to wait for it to load! :)

-Rowan and Eli are both doing great in school!! Rowan has had a few bus issues (nothing new, that is the one thing I really wish I could change!- no bus!) but at school is great.  His teacher was really impressed with how much he knows in math (thanks to our homeschooling and using Singapore!) and Mike and I both really liked her!! We are really excited he's in her class and think this will be a great year for him!  We already knew we loved Eli's teacher since Rowan had her too and she has been great for ELi as well.  He loves school and is doing great in speech as well.  He has speech homework every night and I think he really likes having homework to do like Rowan.  They are both doing some math stuff on the computer at night too that they really like.

-Silas has been napping really well lately! This makes it easier for me to get stuff done- especially studying!

-Mike's birthday is this weekend! He wants to go to this Amish-like buffet.  MMMmmmm!

-On a sad note, Mike's best friend passed away two weeks ago.  He lived in another state and we hadn't seen him in 4 years. He was supposed to come to visit, he would've been here the day of the funeral.  We've all been pretty sad, especially Mike.  He gave one of the speeches at the funeral and did a great job! The one nice thing about that really sad weekend was getting to see his wife and kids.  We saw his son 4 years ago (he's a yr younger than Rowan) but hadn't seen his wife and daughter for maybe 9 years!! Rowan and his son had a great time together and we are going to have them become pen pals! I would love for them to grow up being great friends just like their dads! They'll probably be living closer (but still a different state) next year so we are going to keep in touch.  If there's one thing you learn when something like this happens it's that life is short!  Mike is already making plans for us to all go see another friend in Washington- another trip we've been talking about taking forever!

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