Friday, November 22, 2013

17 months!!

( look at me posting on the day and not a month late!)

I can not even believe next month this boy will be one and a half!
He's still super sweet and so awesome. We are so lucky to have him!

He's had a bit to adjust to in the past few weeks because I started watching my cousins 2 month old baby! Silas loves Jackson. Especially his feet! He always wants his shoes and socks. Always. He occasionally thinks he must be on my lap when I start giving Jackson a bottle but he has gotten much better about it. He looks for him first thing in the morning and seems confused if he's not here like on weekends. I'm excited to see them together over the next few months!

Silas loves his nights with daddy when I have class and almost always is still awake when I get home :/

He still eats most everything but will not let me feed him at all. Sometimes he'll let mike but not me.
He gets so excited when his brothers get home from school!

He is starting to fight being put in the car seat. Not fun especially since we are almost always in a hurry.

He wants to help do things around the house. He loves to push the broom and mop around. He wants to throw away trash- and stuff that isn't trash lol. He throws stuff into the sink a lot too. I need to try and get him in on the nightly clean up with his brothers!

He had his first bubble bath a few weeks ago. He was pretty freaked out and wouldn't sit down! The next time he would and he loved it!! He likes taking a bath with Eli. They've also been playing really well together lately and I think it's because Eli basically acts like he's a toddler ;)

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