Monday, November 11, 2013

16 Months!

You would think since Silas is our 3rd baby it wouldn't be so shocking how fast time flies, but it is!

He's still napping great! And eating pretty well- his recent sickies had him not eating too good for a while but he's back to normal now.  He will usually fall asleep in the crib after I put him down awake- I really love that!

                          These were taken when he woke up one day and looked especially cute ;)

                                          Luckily he still has his chubby baby hands and feet!
                                   He was pretty excited to see all the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!
                                                     And was pretty sure he could lift them himself!

                           This was after his tumble in the rocks in front of our house so his cheek was all scratched up.

Above is his "fake cough" face he picked up during the cold he had.  He's over it now, thankfully.  He was pretty convincing!

 All 4 of his molars are coming in! Only one has broke through but the others are really close.  We experimented with the necklace on his neck for a few days so it was closer to his mouth- they are supposed to be worn close to the site of the pain.  It's back on his ankle now just because I like it there at night and get tired of switching it all the time, but he never messed with it on his neck at all. I still swear by these!! 
 He's still not really talking but started saying "BUH" for bus!  He points and says "uh" for everything else though.  He makes it very clear when he wants something. He also signs- milk, please, more, all done.  We are working on eat, drink and help too.  He pretty much gets whatever he wants- oops! ;) it doesn't help that Rowan and Eli want him to be happy so they give him whatever too.  He has an obsession with writing and is always trying to get the markers.  He has started to climb into the sink of their play kitchen constantly!!  He LOVES Freddie (the cat) and gets so excited every time he sees her.  He likes to try and pick her up too, she's not too into that but really doesn't get mad at him.  This is such a fun age! We love watching him learn and try new things everyday!

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Anonymous said...

He is SO STINKIN' CUTE! And is getting so big!